Top 3 Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Next Baby Shower

Top 3 Gender Reveal Ideas for Your Next Baby Shower

When you’re getting ready to plan a party for friends who are about to welcome a new tiny human into the world, try these!

1. Cake

If there’s no cake it’s not a party!

Some people like to cut into a cake to reveal a color. Blue represents “boys” and pink represents “girls” and rainbow represents “this is a rad cake.”

Instead of assuming you’ll be able to predict the way this kid will relate to socially constructed ideas about gender performance, choose chocolate.

Chocolate is the best option.

2. Balloons

Festive metaphors!

Fill a box with helium balloons. Label the box, “cultural norms and expectations.”

Open the box to release neon balloons with letters on them that spell out “whatever the hell they want.”

Let the balloons float away from outdated ideas about gender and the systems of control that enforce them.

3. Teams

Competition is fun!

Have your guests dress up in a color that they think represents the gender of the future-person.

Anyone wearing blue or pink gets to help clean up. This group “loses.”

Just kidding! For some people, their gender is represented by a color — that’s cool, you do you.

When we make more room for people to be who they are authentically, everybody wins!

But anyone wearing glitter gets an extra slice of cake.

What baby shower activities do you love?

What baby shower activities could use an upgrade?

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